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2006 Award-Winning Products and Nominees

Toy of the Year | Infant/Preschool Toy | Girl Toy | Boy Toy
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Toy of the Year

The best toy of the year.

WINNER: FLY™ Pentop Computer - LeapFrog Enterprises


Infant/Preschool Toy

The best toy developed for infant and/or preschool children.


  • Weebles Weebly Wobbly Tree House - Playskool

Other Nominees:

  • Bulls-Eye Bounce & Roll - Playskool
  • Shake 'N Go Speedway™ - Fisher-Price
  • Star Station™ - Fisher-Price
  • Write & Learn Letter Book™ - VTech Electronics North America


Girl Toy of the Year

The best toy developed specifically for girls of any age.

WINNER: Dora's Talking Kitchen™ - Fisher-Price

Other Nominees:

  • Amazing Amanda™ - Playmates Toys Inc..
  • Bratz Babyz™ - MGA Entertainment, Inc.
  • Pixel Chix - Mattel
  • Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 - Bandai America Inc.

Boy Toy of the Year

The best toy developed specifically for boys of any age, not including r/c, ride-on and other vehicles.

WINNER: Tyco® R/C Shell Shocker™ - Mattel

Other Nominees:

  • Air Hogs Zero Gravity - Spin Master Ltd.
  • Fly Wheels™ - JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer - Hasbro, Inc.
  • Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Ultimate Lightsaber Kit - Hasbro, Inc.

Game of the Year

Including children's board, card, CD-ROM or electronic game formats. (For CD-ROM or electronic games, formats must have ESRB's "Early Childhood" rating: content may be suitable for persons ages 3 and older. Contains no materials that parents would find inappropriate.)


  • Apples to Apples® -Out of the Box Publishing, Inc.
  • Hullabaloo - Cranium, Inc

Other Nominees:

  • Candy Land DVD - Milton Bradley
  • Dream Life™ -Tiger Electronics
  • Hullabaloo - Cranium, Inc
  • Sudoku™ - Techno Source USA


Outdoor Toy of the Year

The best toy designed for outdoor play.

WINNER: Air Hogs R/C Dominator -Spin Master Ltd.

Other Nominees:

  • Banzai Falls QuickSet Water Slide - Toy Quest
  • Fold 2 Go™ XL Trike - Radio Flyer
  • Moon Shoes® 2000 - Hart Toys, Inc.
  • PlasmaCar - PlaSmart

Educational Toy of the Year

The best toy that through play help children develop special skills and/or knowledge.

WINNER: FLY™ Pentop Computer - LeapFrog Enterprises

Other Nominees:

  • Leapster L-Max™ Learning Game System - LeapFrog Enterprises
  • Nitro Notebook™ - VTech Electronics North America
  • V. Smile Pocket™ Learning System - VTech Electronics North America

Activity Toy of the Year

The best toy that inspires creative play through various forms of activity.

WINNER: LEGO Star Wars - LEGO Systems Inc.

Other Nominees:

  • Black Belts Home Karate Studio - Spin Master Ltd.
  • Doctor Dreadful™ Freaky Food Lab - Funrise Toy Corp
  • Magic Glow Doodle Bear™ - Play Along, Inc.
  • 7-Eleven Slurpee Drink Maker - Spin Master Ltd.

Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year

For toys created for children of any age that have a considerable electronic component involved. This includes "plug 'n play" and interactive videos.

WINNER: 20Q™ - Radica USA Ltd.

Other Nominees:

  • CHATNOW Two-way Radio Communicator - Tiger Electronics
  • I-DOG Interactive Music Companion - Tiger Electronics.
  • Star Wars Saga Edition® Lightsaber Battle Game - Tiger Electronics
  • M.A.G.™ The BATMAN™ Villains of Gotham City™ TV Action Game - Thinkway

Most Innovative Toy of the Year

The best toy that combines the most unique blend of innovative technology and play value for children today.

WINNER: FLY™ Pentop Computer - LeapFrog Enterprises

Other Nominees:

  • Air Hogs Zero Gravity - Spin Master Ltd.
  • iZ - Zizzle
  • Roboraptor™ - WowWee
  • VUGO Player - Tiger Electronics

Specialty Toy of the Year

The best toy primarily distributed through specialty retailers.


  • 3-D Pool Table -Zocker Toys
  • UGLYDOLL - Prettyugly LLC

Other Nominees:

  • Blokus - Educational Insights
  • PlasmaCar - Plasmart Toys
  • TIPOVER! - ThinkFun Inc.


Property of the Year

The licensor that had the greatest success spreading its brand or property throughout the industry while generating interest and excitement.

WINNER: Dora The Explorer - Nickelodeon

Other Nominees:

  • Bratz - MGA Entertainment Inc.
  • Cinderella - Disney
  • Star Wars - Hasbro Inc./LucasFilm
  • Thomas & Friends - HIT Entertainment

Retailer of the Year

The retailer who stocked their store shelves with a variety of popular toys, as well as for innovation in their operating systems, creative in-store merchandising, and for quality customer service

WINNER: Target