Presidents Letter – Oct 21, 2010: TOYPAC and the Mid-Term Election

“Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” – Winston Churchill

Mid-term elections are rarely as interesting as the one coming up next week.  Passions are running particularly high and there is more drama than usual in many congressional races.

Earlier this year, our Board of Directors approved formation of a toy industry “Political Action Committee,” or “TOYPAC,” that enables TIA to gather personal political contributions from individuals in the toy industry to support candidates for office.  By aggregating the contributions from many individuals, our PAC can provide noticeable support for a variety of candidates on behalf of the industry as a whole.  In this way, the toy industry can participate more effectively in the political process. 

So far this year, the TIA Board and staff have contributed over $22,000 to TOYPAC.  Our approach to deciding which candidates to support with TOYPAC funds is purely secular.  Decisions are made by a TOYPAC Board consisting of five members of the TIA Board selected to represent the spectrum of the toy industry.  Candidates on both sides of the aisle are supported if they are involved in committee work relating to issues specific to our industry.  The decision process is transparent and professional, and purely aimed at making the toy industry a participant in our democratic form of government. 

Our contributions enable us to become better acquainted with members of congress and educate them about the good work of our industry.  Representatives of other advocacy groups participate in just the same way. 

I believe that the toy industry does not have adversaries, only people who need to be educated about our competent dedication to providing safe and joyful toys to children.  I hope all of you will cast your vote in November in support of whatever candidates and positions you endorse.  Here at TIA, we will focus on educating our government officials about issues that specifically affect our industry.  I am proud to live in a nation where that is possible.

Carter Keithley