President’s Letter – May 10, 2011: Fun Opportunities

Last week at PlayCon, Bob Wann asked the audience how many possible combinations there are with six two-by-four LEGO bricks.  The answer:  102,981,500.

Sometimes I feel like TIA is also like a big “construction toy” … the possibilities for new connections and new opportunities provided by a vigorous association like ours are practically endless.   

PlayCon 2011 was an excellent example of how the industry can come together for networking and to help toy companies better understand the current marketplace.  The sessions inspired innovation and fostered countless partnerships among participants.  We were thrilled with the event and the turnout.   Nearly one-third of this year’s PlayCon participants were attending for the very first time!  It was fun to come together with old friends and to make new ones.

Similarly, TIA is opening up new partnerships with related organizations like we did with the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) and even more recently with the Hobby Manufacturers Association (HMA).  Co-locating the ENGAGE! event with our Toy Fair in February brought benefits to both organizations.  Next month, we’ll be at the Licensing Show in Las Vegas to further strengthen our relationship with players within the licensing community.

TIA is constantly on the lookout for such opportunities.  It helps keep our work interesting. And these opportunities help make TIA more valuable to its members. 

In the world of associations we have a network of executives that make it easy for me to pick up the phone to share information and coordinate activities.  My experience tells me we will find synergies that will help us all serve our members better. 

Likewise, companies in the toy industry use TIA meetings and conferences to build relationships and develop new business opportunities.  PlayCon and our go-to-market events are well known and well proven.  Our work with related organizations provides added value.  There are more new opportunities on the horizon.  It’s an exciting time.  What could be more fun and satisfying than that?  

Warm regards to all,


Carter Keithley