President’s Letter – December 13, 2011: A Year of Accomplishment and Growth

TIA’s many initiatives and accomplishments in 2011 provided a great deal of value to our members, making this past year a remarkable one for TIA.  Here are some highlights:

  • We amended our Bylaws to include Retailers, Licensors, Toy Inventors/Designers and Sales Reps as full regular members;
  • We restarted our annual “ToyCon” industry conference as “PlayCon” with enhanced programming;
  • We added an SVP for Technical Affairs to our staff to provide expertise on toy industry technical issues;
  • We achieved amendments to the CPSIA adopted in 2008 to alleviate burdens caused by unintended aspects of the original legislation;
  • We achieved extraordinary visibility in mainstream media for our Toy Industry Foundation philanthropy for children in need;
  • We strengthened our relationship with the Licensing Industry Merchandiser’s Association (LIMA) and helped foster relationships between members of the toy and licensing industries by hosting a joint TIA/LIMA business lounge at Toy Fair, as well as a TIA lounge for our members at the Licensing Show in Las Vegas;
  • We launched “Toy Day” in Sacramento to build relations with California legislators.

I am glad to say that with all of this added activity, we nevertheless managed to restore our financial reserves to the prudent levels we enjoyed before the regulatory crises began in 2007-08, and we have more exciting new ideas and plans for 2012.  After all, this is the toy business, where 80% of our products are new each year, so TIA has to keep up! 

We are grateful for the loyal support of our members, the hard work and talent of our capable staff, and the stable economics of our industry. Thank you to all of you for helping make this one of the most successful years in the history of this great Association.

Warmest regards for the holidays!