Promotional Opportunities 

Make a Big Deal Out of Your Brand at Toy Fair 2014

Stand out above the competition and drive sales at Toy Fair 2014 with high-impact advertising and promotional opportunities to help you do a year’s worth of business in just four days. Buyers from over 50 distribution channels including mass merchandisers, toy and hobby stores, drug stores, department stores, grocery chains, TV shopping networks, outdoor retailers, amusement parks, warehouse clubs, gift shops, museum stores and more come to Toy Fair looking for a innovative products not found elsewhere. Set yourself apart from the competition and communicate with decision-makers looking for what’s new and what’s hot. Increase your visibility for greater show success!

For information about all available promotional and advertising opportunities, contact Laura Mangiaracina at 646-454-5589.

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Print Advertising

Toy Fair Times
Toy Fair Times is the only official news and information publication of Toy Fair 2014. A total of 35,000 copies will be printed with 25,000 mailed during the first week of January to all registered attendees including retailers, major licensing companies, mass merchandisers, distributors and the global toy industry press. Another 10,000 copies will be distributed on-site at Toy Fair. Full, half and quarter page 4-color ads are available in the tabloid-size publication. The ad reservation deadline is Monday, December 2, 2013.

Toy Fair Exhibitor Locator Guide
The Toy Fair Exhibitor Locator Guide is the only printed listing of exhibitors at Toy Fair 2014 and provides an uncompromised value for advertising. The Locator Guide includes everything attendees need to navigate Toy Fair including a complete show schedule, a floor plan and comprehensive show details and information. The 4-color publication is sized at 8.5” x 11” and full bleed ads are available. The ad reservation deadline is Monday, January 20, 2014.

Toy Fair Times
Printed Floor Plan Map – Exclusive
Help attendees find their way around the show and, most importantly, to YOUR booth with an exclusive sponsorship of the Printed Floor Plan Map. In response to the needs of our attendees, this attractive, double-sided map is an extremely valuable tool for all who attend Toy Fair. Your company and brand will be the exclusive sponsor with panel ads, a floor plan logo, call-out in the exhibitor list and a complimentary logo in the Exhibitor Locator Guide, the only printed alphabetical directory of exhibitors with booth numbers and contact phone numbers.

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Online Sponsorship

Attendee Online Registration Web Banner and Confirmation Emails - Exclusive
99% of Toy Fair attendees register online. Be the ONLY exhibitor they see when they do! Your company name with a direct link to your website will appear on Toy Fair’s online registration homepage as well as in every show confirmation emailed to attendees who register online. Attendee registration opens October 2013 so the sooner you secure this high-impact sponsorship, the greater the value!

Toy Fair Mobile
Put your brand in the hands of Toy Fair attendees – literally! With Toy Fair Mobile, attendees have the opportunity to view the interactive floor plan, search for an exhibitor and booth, view the event schedule and much more. The app will be available for download for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users.  Increase your show presence with one of the many mobile app sponsorship options.
Toy Fair Mobile
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Product Zones Aisle Signs
Toy Fair’s Product Zones provide Buyers a focused shopping experience and offer Exhibitors a great opportunity to be in the right place on the show floor. Be your category leader and sponsor your Product Zone Aisle Sign.

Product Zone Signs
Power Banners
Announce your brand, product or new property in a BIG way by hanging your message from the rafters! Banners are strategically placed in high-traffic locations and are instantly visible from all registration areas. There are a variety of sizes and locations available to make a powerful impact. Limited space is available in select areas of the Javits Center. 
Decals: Floors
Make a first impression by adhering your company’s brand and booth location directly to the doors, floors and/or windows of the Javits Center. Let every Buyer know who and where you are as soon as they arrive at the show. A variety of decal options is available. Door decals are sold out.
Cardboard Character Cut-outs
Can’t be everywhere? Place your character in front of every attendee at the show and drive them to your booth with these economical cut-outs. Multiple locations are available.

Stair Graphics
Step up your marketing! Be the first name Buyers see upon arrival, and be a part of their Toy Fair experience every step of the way as they continuously move between exhibit levels. This area includes the stairs and handrails leading from the North Concourse (taxi and shuttle bus drop-off points) to the Crystal Place.
Escalator and Staircase Glass Panels
Promote your company on all levels at Toy Fair! Place your company’s logo and booth number on decals adhered to the many sets of staircase and escalator panels throughout the Javits Center.
Escalator and Staircase Glass Panels
Shuttle Bus Route
Wrap your arms around thousands of potential customers with shuttle bus “custom wraps.” You will be the talk of the town as your Toy Fair bus shuttles show participants between midtown hotels and the Javits Convention Center during AM and PM hours on all four days of the show. Bus advertising in New York City delivers a truly dominant competitive advantage. Get creative and customize the sponsorship of your bus with on-board giveaways, signage and a video to welcome attendees to Toy Fair. Your company logo will appear prominently on the route and directional signage for the shuttle bus and you have the opportunity to choose the bus route you want.

North Concourse Column Wraps
Located in prime, high-traffic locations, the Indoor Column Wraps are a great way to get noticed by Buyers as they ride the escalator down to Level 1 Exhibit Halls.  Wrap your brand around one of three available locations sure to make a BIG impact.

Indoor Column Wraps

Special Events Hall Column Wraps
Wrap your brand around the Special Events Hall lobby columns and be seen by Buyers who are making their way to the Food Court, D Hall and the Toy Fair Press Center.  This high traffic location is a sure way to be seen by the “it” crowd.

Indoor Column Wraps
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On-site Sponsorships

Keep your company name and logo top-of-mind and be at eye level of all Toy Fair attendees. These lanyards are given to all registered Buyers and are a great way to see your brand everywhere. 

Exhibitor Lanyards – Exclusive
Interested in reaching the exhibitors at Toy Fair?  See your company name on the lanyards distributed to all exhibitors at the show with this exclusive sponsorship.

Official Buyer Show Tote – Exclusive 
When you sponsor the official Buyer Show Tote Bag at Toy Fair, registered Buyers carry your name and marketing message wherever they go. Take advantage of this targeted distribution and get in the hands of all registered Buyers who visit the show. 

Show Bag
Official Buyer Show Tote Bag Inserts / Giveaways
Get your giveaway in the hands of Buyers as soon as they walk in the door. Insert a specialty item such as a pen, flash drive or water bottle into the Official Buyer Show Tote and get noticed right away. Note – promo only available if Official Buyer Show Tote Bag is sponsored. Maximum of 5 available.
Premium Bag Inserts
Official Show Bag – SOLD
Toy Fair attendees accumulate a lot of product info and giveaways over the course of four days. Why not give them the bag to carry it home. The Official Show Bag is placed on self-serve racks throughout the registration areas offering wide distribution.

Registration Pens – Exclusive
Put your company logo, web address or booth number on the pens used by thousands of Toy Fair attendees at all registration locations during the show.  This exclusive sponsorship gives you the opportunity to be front and center as attendees make their way into Toy Fair 2014 to see YOU!

Registration Pen
Costumed Characters
It’s alive! Breathe life into your presence at Toy Fair by having your “walking advertisement” or “living banner” in all Javits Center public areas. It’s sure to create a buzz for your products, characters or properties. Create a photo opportunity and entertain attendees while reaching your target audience and making a lasting impression. Guidelines and restrictions apply.

Spotlight Product Showcase
Show off your product in these exclusive, dynamic showcases located at the front entrances of Toy Fair. Designed to attract attendees directly to your product, these showcases garner maximum visibility in high-traffic locations.

Spotlight Product Showcase

Hand Sanitizer Billboards - Exclusive
Show Toy Fair 2014 attendees that you care with an exclusive sponsorship of the Hand Sanitizer Billboards.  Placed in high traffic locations, the 10 self-standing units are customizable to show off your brand and drive traffic to your booth.

Spotlight Product Showcase

Information Centers
Toy Fair attendees always need extra help to navigate the show floor making the Toy Fair Information Centers a hub of activity. Personnel will be on hand to assist attendees with questions while also distributing the Exhibitor Locator Guide and Printed Map. Sponsorship includes the opportunity for your logo to be incorporated into the design of the structure and to highlight product in the attached attractive showcase.

Information Booth Displays

“Boulevard” Product Showcase
Grab the attention of over 25,000 Toy Fair attendees by showing off your product(s) in this new, unique display case located right on the show floor guaranteeing maximum visibility by all who attend.  Your brand will absolutely stand out when it is prominently displayed along the main “Boulevard” aisles of the Level 3 and Level 1 exhibit halls for ALL to see, admire and want to put on their shelves. Give buyers the opportunity to see your newest products or your timeless classics in one of these unique display cases strategically placed on the show floor to give your brand extended visibility in the busy main aisles.

Boulevard Product Showcase

“Ask Me” Information Guides – Exclusive
Information guides stationed throughout the Javits Center during Toy Fair are a valuable resource for attendees. Attract attention by dressing these guides in your company-branded clothing or other merchandise. 

Ask Me 
Information Guides – 

Landmark Displays
Drop a larger-than-life promotional display in the front lobby of the Javits Center and guarantee that all Toy Fair attendees see you! This is a proven booth traffic and sales generator so don’t miss out. Limited space is available in select areas of the Javits Center.


Food Court Table Topics
Be the center of everyone’s conversation when you host tables throughout the food service areas at the Javits Center. This delicious sponsorship opportunity allows you to place customized table decals on 150 lunch/snack bar tables in the food court on Level 1. Mix and match as much as you want – a variety of options for this sponsorship is available.

Cups and Napkins – Exclusive
Put your company logo or marketing message on the cups and napkins available at all Javits Center food concessions and you will surely have everyone eating out of your hands. Starbucks locations excluded.

Cups and Napkins
Recycle Bins – Exclusive
Be earth-friendly at Toy Fair. Provide bins with your company branding for visitors to recycle their cans and bottles. Going green and helping the planet is definitely good for business. Bins are located throughout the Javits Center.
Recycle Bins
Coat Check – Exclusive
Winter in New York means that every attendee will need to check a coat before they hit the trade show floor. Warm them up to the opportunity of visiting your booth with a sponsorship entitling your company to brand coat check tickets at 3 locations.
Coat Check
Official Toy Fair Hotel Offerings
Thousands of rooms in hotels around New York City will be a home away from home for Toy Fair attendees. When you purchase an in-room sponsorship at the Top 10 Toy Fair hotels, your brand is literally seen every day and night throughout the show. Let attendees begin and end their day with your company’s branding in their hand…and mind! Choose from key cards, daily room drops and turn down service to propel your business from the show floor to sleeping rooms.

Recharging Station
Generate interest with attendees as they charge their devices with an attractive Recharging Station sponsorship.  Outfitted with a variety of chargers that fit all types of devices, these customizable displays allow you to highlight your brand with a full vinyl wrap and attract attention on a 17” LCD screen.  The best part – YOU choose where the station is placed!


“Boulevard” Recharging Lounge
Give Buyers the opportunity to recharge their brains and their batteries! Toy Fair’s NEW “Boulevard” Recharging Lounge sponsorship features both attractive seating and all the necessary plug-ins to keep attendees’ mobile devices charged up throughout the show. These inviting lounges placed along the center aisle of both Level 1 and Level 3 exhibit halls will be outfitted with a variety of chargers that fit all types of devices along with several outlets for those who brought their own. Buyers will thank you for giving them a place to rest, regroup and recharge.

Recharging Lounge
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Specialty Areas

Buyers’ Lounge & International Business Center — Exclusive
With more than 375,000 square feet to explore, thousands of Buyers and retailers from the U.S. and around the world will consider this lounge their off-the-floor oasis and a place to renew, refresh and remember who made it possible. TIA will provide welcome signage to include sponsor’s name and logo.
TIA Member
TIA & LIMA Member  Business Center — Exclusive
When you sponsor the TIA & LIMA Member Business Center, you are providing an office away from the office and making it easier for TIA Members and LIMA Members to conduct their business while at the show. They will surely remember who made their lives easier. TIA will provide welcome signage to include sponsor’s name and logo.
TIA Member
Press Center Offerings
Toy Fair is a media magnet! More than 1,000 global media representatives attend Toy Fair and use the Press Center throughout the show to meet, write, interview and work their media magic. A variety of options is available for your company branding to appear throughout the Press Center and on items like the Official Press Tote Bags, Lanyards, Technology and more! If your strategy is to maximize media exposure, then this is the place for you!


International Reception – Exclusive
The networking does not stop when the show closes. Get your brand in front of international attendees at this exclusive, invitation-only event. Toy Fair’s international attendance grows year after year. This is your chance to meet and greet this global audience in a relaxed atmosphere. The sponsor is welcome to invite up to 5 guests in addition to staff and can customize the décor in the reception space to feature their product at their expense.
Staged Event – Exclusive per day
Have you ever been walking through the mall and all of a sudden were in the middle of a flash mob dance? It was probably pretty exhilarating to see a performance like that evolve around you. Well, why not create that same exhilaration at Toy Fair and WOW  attendees.  Put on a show in high-traffic locations during peak hours – book YOUR event today! All events are subject to approval by Show Management and the Javits Center.
Staged Events
Toy Fair Recess
Take a lunch break and join us at Toy Fair Recess held daily in the Javits Center Food Court. Sponsor one day or all four days of recess and help attendees find their inner child with rousing games of Simon Says, Freeze Dance, 4-Squares and Hot Potato with your name attached to the fun.
Food Truck
Food Truck — Exclusive
You know the phrase “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? In most cases, it’s true. Same goes for Toy Fair attendees! Park your branded food truck outside the Javits Center and see the Buyers swarm. Sponsor is required to provide truck and follow the Toy Fair catering guidelines.
Food Truck
Toy Fair TV
Air your commercial on all 70 televisions in Javits Center common areas during show hours on all four show days. Both 30- and 15-second commercials are available to attract Buyers to your product and your booth. And to make an even bigger splash, a text graphic on the Javits Center Jumbo Tron announcing your company and booth number is included with this sponsorship. 
Toy Fair TV
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Opportunities are limited! Contact Laura Mangiaracina today to find the right fit for your needs and budget.  We are committed to providing you the best opportunity to promote your company and achieve your marketing goals at Toy Fair 2014.


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