TIF Launches “Legacy of Play Society”

June 12, 2012 | Following the receipt of an inaugural $48,000 gift from the Estate of Franklin D. Gillespie, the Toy Industry Foundation (TIF) has established a new Planned Giving program that welcomes individual support through personal financial and estate planning. Those who generously choose to support the Foundation with bequests made through wills, retirement plans, and life insurance policies, as well as other forms of planned gifts, will be honored as members of the “Legacy of Play Society.”

“Mr. Gillespie’s gift is so touching.  He knew he wanted his estate to impact the lives of children in need, and he made it happen by taking the simple step of naming the Toy Industry Foundation in his will,” says Marisa Medina, Foundation manager.  “A Planned Gift to TIF of any size makes a difference, as it will help bring play to children who need it most.”

The Legacy of Play Society is the Foundation’s honorary society of individuals and families whose donations have already been received or will someday be gifted. All Society members will be listed on the TIF website, in the annual report, in the TOTY Tribute Book, and will be featured in a spotlight article.

Donations received by the Foundation are used to distribute grant funding and toys to charities serving children living on U.S. military bases; entering foster care with nothing of their own; and are distributed through The Toy Bank’s network of hundreds of charities across the country and around the world that serve children who are ill, impoverished, affected by natural disasters, or living through many other stressful situations.

To learn more about the Legacy of Play Society, as well as the many available options for Planned Giving, visit the “How to Help” tab on the TIF website or contact the Foundation (646-454-5581 / tifinfo@toyindustryfoundation.org).  Whenever considering or finalizing a planned gift, please contact your financial, tax, or legal advisor for personalized guidance.