TIA Calls for Product Suggestions for Upcoming Editorial / Video Opportunities

In 2009, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) re-launched the www.ToyInfo.org website as a one-stop resource for parents and other caregivers on toys and play. Included on the site is a monthly video series with TIA toy trend expert Reyne Rice (“Reyne Talks Toys”) and a new blog featuring freelance writer Michelle Burford (“Toy Talk”). These newer activities are supplements to the regular interface TIA and agency public relations staff has with reporters and bloggers who seek toy trend and product information, and the periodic articles and press releases TIA posts on behalf of the industry.

To assist in the Association’s efforts to map out emerging trends and editorial content for the year, TIA staff has developed a calendar of proposed story ideas for the remainder of 2010.  Members are encouraged to submit product recommendations for future opportunities in print, online or video coverage (comment due dates are shown on the chart below and online).

To submit a product idea, please e-mail product details (including price, age, a brief description, and a link to additional online product information) to aappell@toyassociation.org;  product images and attachments are not necessary in the initial transmittal.  Preference will be given to TIA member companies for all publicity opportunities.

Manufacturers will be asked to verify that all recommended products comply with relevant toy safety laws and standards and that the products selected for coverage will be available at retail by the time the coverage is expected to air or be published.

Once the TIA team reviews the recommendations received and selects items for inclusion in a specific video or article, product samples may be requested. 

TIA is also accepting recommendations for product giveaways that can be offered as prizes via the “Toy Talk” blog and/or other TIA-sponsored social media outreach, including a “Mommy Blogger” event scheduled for early August.

Companies interested in submitting products for consideration can follow the guidelines shown on the ToyInfo.org website.  The current iteration of the calendar is shown below; please check back often as possible as opportunities may change or topics can be updated.

Questions can be directed to TIA’s Adrienne Appell or Stacy Leistner.

Ideas Due to TIA



Completed –  Watch Now! 

Summer Movie Toys

Toy tie-ins to this summer’s hottest blockbuster movies.

Completed –  Watch Now! 

Toys for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Skills your child can learn through play.

Completed –  Watch Now! 

Green Toys for Earth Day Earth-friendly toys for eco-minded play.

Filming Complete – VIDEO COMING SOON

Rainy Day Play

Toys to keep kids entertained inside while in the midst of a thunderstorm or a heat wave!  Arts and Crafts, Games, Playsets and more.

Filming Complete – VIDEO COMING SOON


From mini dolls to fashion dolls, to collectibles please send ideas on great dolls for kids of all ages.


Outdoor Play – Classic and New Picks for the Park, Backyard or Beach

Looking for great outdoor toys for the park or beach (including ride-ons, kites, water toys, etc.)

 July 15 Summer Travel Toys and games for indoors and out that are easy for families to take on the go
July 15 Camp Care Packages Toys, games and activities that mom and dad can send to kids to play with at camp and store in their bunks (including journals, card games, scrapbooking kits, etc).
July 15 Super for Sleepovers Toys, games and activities (e.g., Mad Libs, arts and crafts, interactive games, etc.) that are super for children’s sleepovers, birthday parties, or other playdates.
July 15 Cooking Classics Toys that use real and pretend food to role play or create tasty treats in either indoor or outdoor kitchens.
August 15 Back to School Educational toys and fun activities to keep kids of all ages stimulated during the summer and ready for back to school.
August 15 Tech Toys – Just like Mom and Dad Have Kids love to emulate mom and dad – and want toys to play with just like their parents have. Instead of letting kids use the new iPad or iPhone we are looking for kids versions of today’s adult tech toys (cameras, lap tops, cell phones, etc).
August 15 Puzzles and Mind Teasers Traditional and interactive puzzles as well as mind teasers.
August 15 Iconic Toys Celebrating Anniversaries

Toys celebrating milestone anniversaries in 2010 … a portion of this segment could be a tie-in to Grandparents Day (September 12) with a focus on “Games grandma/grandpa will remember…”

[NOTE:  companies may be asked to loan TIA an “original” version of the toy/game for this production]
September 1 Sports-Themed Toys Toys that are sports-themed or active, a new twist on a classic sport, etc.
September 1 Pet Play From virtual to plush to collectibles … toys and games that make kids of all ages the mama or papa of their very own pet.
September 15 Halloween

Suggestions for costumes and year-round pretend play … Halloween themed toys, and gifts that can be used for trick or treaters instead of candy.

September 15

Arts and Crafts

Activity and creative toys for girls and boys (including gifts that can be made for parents and grandparents during the holidays).

October 1 Election Day / Civic Responsibility Civic-minded toys and games such as puzzle maps, history games, “Know Your Presidents” trivia, etc.

October 1

Active TV Time TV time doesn’t have to be passive time … toys and games (plug and play, DVD games, etc.) can engage the minds and bodies of kids of all ages.  

October 1

Holiday Toys

Hot ideas for the holidays.

October 1

Stocking Stuffers

Great stocking stuffers under $20.